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A Palmful Of Truths

I’ve got a heart disease / that comes and goes with the breeze / 

It prevents me from being happy / since I was a kid living in the Valley /

I’ve got this voice in my head / that says I am so fucking wrong / 

It rings like a song /

I’ve got a sad pet and an empty bed / waiting for me at home /

So I must pretend / I’ve got a job that I love /

‘Cause I haven’t felt the glow / for the past weeks or so /

I’ve got a cup full of stars / but no coffee or cigars / 

I’ve got a pain that says / I’m doing okay just now / 

But I’m sure, it ain’t gonna last / 

I’ve got a head full of tears / but they only come on-demand /

I’ve got a dead fish on my mind / since it ran down the pipes / 

And I don’t know why / so please, don’t ask me why / 

But it makes me think of you / and the last time I saw you smile / 

I’m so bitter about saying goodbye / but never mind, ’cause I can’t help but lie

Emiliano Cruz Villanueva 

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