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Friendly Greetings

    Peter was feeling particularly good today. 

    After finishing breakfast, he left the kitchen table and took a walk over to the fish pond, where his friend Paul, was doing a spot of fishing from beneath the shade of a tree. 

    “Hello Paul,” he said with bright enthusiasm, “a glorious day today!”

    “Paul, do you think that pointing out that it is a glorious day is a good greeting? One could be referring to the weather or one’s mood. The joy of the former can be shared with someone who is also experiencing the day, whereas the latter might result in the person being greeted feeling jealous that they are not also experiencing the same feelings.” 

    Peter took a second to consider his friend’s words but he was in too good a mood to care. It must be the former he thought. 

    “Have you not caught any fish Paul?”

James Holmes

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