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From Forces To Fixations

 Physics ~ the architect of laws, governing atoms and galaxies

        Biology ~ the maestro of life’s symphony


                Where physics quantified precision

                         biology thrived on adaptation


                        The charter of the cosmos’ grandeur 


                            The storyteller 

                     whispering the tales 

of survival and evolution


    In the medical school, an unseen force beckoned him towards 

the intersections of science and healing


    A fractured bone was not just a break 

in the continuity of cortices 

    but a three-dimensional canvas

        governed by tensions and compressions

                    awaiting restoration


    the pendulum and the angular momentum

                graceful arcs of motion 


    As he walked into the operation room, to perform his first 

independent surgery,

    he looked up to the sky 

        and remembered the young boy 

            who saw the cosmos in bone 

Madhav Chowdhry

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