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Vintage floral image, taken from page 172 of 'Œuvres complètes de Jean Jacques Rousseau_ed

The Medicine Issue 

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05 The Medicine Issue

£14.99 + delivery

The Vanity Papers is an Oxford literary review established in 2021. It is a home to many voices from the University of Oxford and influential writers of the future century.


Featuring the fiction and poetry of: Catherine Digman, Jamie Cameron, Rupa Wood, Eeshani Bendale, Emiliano Cruz Villanueva, Jennifer Nolan, Sara Farnworth, Rupa Wood, Elsie May, Madhav Chowdry, Dylan Squires, Madeleine Lamm, Johanna Böttiger, Sebastian Koga, Freya Ziyan Lu, James Holmes, Mary Jane Holmes and Raphaël Rivière.


Stir the cauldron with a blackthorn wand / drape yourself with gold chains / put on your Versace bodycon dress / the gods must be appeased / you are between things / this world and the next / rush in and wrap me in the plastic curtain / glove me for a dangerous art / to feed depths I know not / the world is filled with people doing what they love / take the pomegranate rind / and a/ velvet pink blouse / with a rose on every card / whilst the doctor / rider of the white horse / feels jealous and whispers the tales of survival and evolution / beneath the flower pattern of the expanding universe / makes me think of you / and the last time I saw you smile / faithful and true / and returned to the Meadow’s infinite glow / and if I admit I didn’t understand / will you come back/ will you join me / in the looking glass / and the page of my body / as gently you are loved / as the most alive person on this planet — The Medicine Issue


100 pages.

Print edition.

ISSN 2976-8179

Vintage floral image, taken from page 172 of 'Œuvres complètes de Jean Jacques Rousseau_ed
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