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 The age of sunlight and the plant world’s aromas. Silver pills, distilled aromatic waters and essences. Mythological spirits and the ravings of genius. The protective forces of magical charms. The Ancient East and medical books. Beneficence and non-maleficence. Amalgamations and elixirs. Poisons and theriacs. Honey, blood, flower, water. 

The Vanity Papers is looking at short fiction, poetry, art and essays for its next issue. Send us stories from the depths of the medicine cabinet. Essay: 1500 -  3000 words / Fiction: 1500 - 5000 words / Poetry: send up to three poems / Art: send up to three images.

Experts in the healing arts, light the lamps and prepare the potions for: the MEDICINE issue.

submissions are open to members of the University of Oxford until 26th of May 2023

Please send a short bio with your work e.g:

O. WILDE studies literae humaniores at Magdelan. He knows the importance of being earnest. 

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